A Smoking Cessation Strategy

Welcome to a revolutionary smoking cessation strategy based on scientific research combined with a large dose of common sense. This site is dedicated to the idea that there are solutions to the problems of cigarette smoking and its health consequences that DO NOT require burdensome and unnecessary external intervention. If you smoke and have been UNABLE or UNWILLING to quit, this is your web site, because it will introduce you to an alternative quit-smoking program that can save your life.
This cessation option is based on three simple premises. 

(1) Smoking is an efficient way to absorb nicotine, an addictive drug that nonetheless produces many pleasurable effects. However, nicotine does not cause cancer, heart attacks or emphysema. Those illnesses are caused by some of the other 3000 products of tobacco combustion. 

(2) Smokeless tobacco provides the nicotine kick smokers crave, but without the smoky delivery system. Thus, use of smokeless tobacco is 98% safer than smoking. 

(3) Finally, smokeless tobacco is NOT chewing tobacco, for it can be used invisibly in any social situation, much like a breath mint. The rest of this site is dedicated to the scientific and practical considerations that will make smokeless tobacco work for YOU.

If you smoke, you need help now. FOR SMOKERS ONLY is a solution permitting you to lead a longer and healthier life, starting today. This page is dedicated TO YOUR HEALTH. I hope you enjoy reading the information presented here.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This homepage and everything in it was developed with funds provided only by the University of Alabama at Birmingham. Members of the research group have no personal conflict of interest with regard to the tobacco industry.

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