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by Brad Rodu, D.D.S. (Sumner Books, ISBN 0-9666239-0-8). To obtain a copy of the book, go to For More Information.

Dr. Philip Cole, Professor of Epidemiology at the UAB School of Public Health and a respected expert in the causes of cancer, tells why this book is important from a public health perspective and why it’s important for YOU.

A place to park your prejudices and preconceptions of smokeless tobacco, with a brief description of the smokeless tobacco option and comparisons with other risk reduction strategies.

Chapter 1…. Common Questions and Uncommon Answers.
This program has raised a lot of eyebrows and people have asked a lot of questions. This chapter reviews the most common questions and provides condensed answers from later chapters.

Chapter 2…. Getting Up To Snuff: A Brief Tobacco History.
It all started with Christopher Columbus. You’ll be surprised at how cigarettes became so popular. Philip Morris and R.J. Reynolds are not just cigarette makers; they were real people who played fascinating roles in tobacco history.

Chapter 3….Cigarettes May Break Your Favorite Habits (Like Breathing).
Review all the reasons why cigarettes are NOT the nicotine delivery system of choice. This chapter deals the straight scoop on the health costs of smoking. But does this justify higher excise taxes? You’ll be surprised by the answer.

Chapter 4…. Secondhand Smoke Is Your Firsthand Problem.
Get the facts — minus the hype — on the passive smoking issue. Learn how the Environmental Protection Agency adjusted science to fit policy.

Chapter 5…. Nicotine Is The Captor, But Smoke Is The Killer.
Understand just what nicotine does — and doesn’t do — to you. As the title indicates, nicotine is the reason people smoke, but not the reason smokers die. Feeling guilty? Wait until you see the comparison of nicotine with caffeine.

Chapter 6…. Stubbing Out That Cigarette — For Good.
Are all other quit-smoking programs ignored? On the contrary, this chapter lists all the other options, including those involving prescription nicotine. Weight gain, a major concern of women smokers, is also a focus of this chapter.

Chapter 7….The Smokeless Tobacco Solution.
A virtual encyclopedia of smokeless tobacco. First of all, a frank (and surprising) discussion of the health effects of smokeless tobacco use. (For more information, see The Research area of this site.) Learn the differences between dry powdered snuff, moist snuff, chewing and plug tobacco. Most importantly for the smoker who wants to switch, LEARN HOW TO USE SMOKELESS TOBACCO INVISIBLY.

Chapter 8…. Politics And Pragmatism.
A balanced discussion of the war over tobacco. Find out how the war has escalated, who has REALLY won the large and small battles, and how this book looks beyond the conventional wisdom for a more global view of tobacco use and its consequences.

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