Number One Nootropic for Anxiety

Some anxiety disorders are severe and require some form of treatment such as counseling or behavioral intervention. However, most cases of mild anxiety can be treated by nootropics which fight neurochemical causing anxiety. Everyday life has its ups and downs which can affect people emotionally leading them to the verge of a breakdown.

Different nootropics promote calmness in various ways. Some enhance relaxation while others modulate serotonin and dopamine release in the brain. It is not possible to pick one as the number one nootropic for anxiety because they all work in different ways.

However, here is a list of the top three nootropics for anxiety

1. L-Theanine

L-theanine is a substance extracted from tea leaves. It induces relaxation, relieves stress, as well as anxiety. L-Theanine supports the alpha brain waves which regulate mood, sleep, and appetite in the body. It is found in green tea and apart from calming anxiety; it helps the user in weight loss.

2. Phenibut

Phenibut is a cognitive enhancer that improves brain functioning and relieves stress. It also helps to enhance mood and eliminate depressive feelings, which can lead to an anxiety attack at the slightest trigger. Besides, this anti-anxiety drug helps the user feel happy and tension free.

3. Noopept

Noopept is a well-known mood enhancer. It works quickly because it is absorbed in the blood hence traveling to the brain faster than any other nootropic. It is recommended for use by people suffering from depression and severe anxiety.

Further studies show that noopept does not damage the brain cells and has positive results after treating patients with mental disorders.

Anyone suffering from anxiety, stress or depression can always opt to use nootropics if natural ways are not working. They are biochemically manufactured with minimal side effects, thus recommended for people suffering from anxiety, stress, or depression.