C60: What You Should Know About This Compound

An introduction To C60

Humans now have much longer lifespans compared to our ancestors. In addition to not engaging in conflict as far as ancestors did before, the biggest contributory factor to our more lifespans has been advancements in technology.

Advancements in medical technology, especially, have allowed us to find remedies to virtually every ailment that has been deadly to man.

In a bid to find cures to present-day life-threatening ailments, we have left no stone unturned. Among the most recent chemical discoveries is the carbon molecule, C60. This molecule is so fascinating since it finds programs across a diverse selection of sectors and industries.

The health industry, especially, is defined to gain massively after we understand the complete potential of this molecule. If you are interested in knowing more about C60, then this guide is for you.

What’s C60?

Also called Buckminsterfullerene, or Carbon-60, C60 is just one of the members of the carbon family and derives its title from the fact that it contains sixty carbon atoms. The carbon atoms bond to produce a ‘carbon cage’ that consists of 12 pentagons and 20 hexagons.

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Scientists hypothesize that it is this exceptional form that gives the molecule its tremendous properties. Furthermore, C60’s shape also allows it to be resistant to high pressures, chemical corrosion, and radiation.

Another property that enables C60 to get so many applications is its capacity to readily react with pretty much any substance and enhance its own actions.

Interestingly, C60 was likewise found in stardust in deep space, as well as in early mineral deposits in the world, which suggests that the substance has been around since the beginning of time. Nonetheless, we’re just beginning to scratch the surface when it comes to understanding its potential advantages.

A number of the potential health benefits that C60 is thought to possess include:

  • Growing Lifespans

The findings of a study between C60 along with several rats demonstrated that the carbon molecule was not only non-toxic to the rats but really worked to maximize their lifespans up to 90 percent.

It is thought that the reason behind the phenomenon lies in C60’s high affinity for both mitochondrial and cellular membranes. By binding to the membranes, the Carbon-60 adds to the aid of those constructions, thereby adding to their longevity also. And that’s how the rats were able to attain longer lifespans.

Also, other studies show that C60 works to prevent mitochondrial dysfunction, which not only contributes to improved energy levels but also enhances longevity because of overall better health.

However, more research must ascertain if C60 can work exactly the same way in humans. Anecdotal reports, nevertheless, seem to support the findings from such studies as most people who have used extracts of Carbon-60 report feeling younger and filled with energy.

  • Potent Antioxidant

Every other day, we’re being advised to consume diets rich in antioxidants for optimal wellness. Antioxidants are the chemical compounds that counteract the effects of getting free radicals inside our bodies. Free radicals, on the other hand, are highly reactive atoms or molecules as they possess unpaired electrons. Therefore, when within your body, they will damage your tissues since they will react with your cell membranes and DNA by stealing electrons from these types of structures through a process called oxidation. This causes your cells to become poorer, thus making you more vulnerable to illness.

Free radicals typically from resources such as highly processed foods, tobacco smoke, alcohol, pesticides, microwaves, Wi-Fi, and general pollutants.

Antioxidants counteract the effects of free radicals by donating the electron that the radical so desperately needs, thus saving your mobile structures because after the free radical receives the ion, it stabilizes and is no more toxic. Consequently, when antioxidants neutralize these free radicals, they become inactive. This is why you’re advised to consume foods rich in antioxidants on the routine.

C60 is another level antioxidant as its antioxidant capacity is a few hundred times more potent than normal antioxidants.

This capability can be attributed to Carbon-60’s construction. In an experiment between buckyballs and C60, it was discovered that C60 is essentially a sponge for radicals. And contrary to other antioxidants that are instantly rendered inactive after donating an electron to a free radical, Carbon-60 does not encounter any changes to its structure or function, so allowing it to counteract all the free radicals which it comes across. In one experiment, one C60 molecule managed to hold and counteract the effects of 34 methyl radicals.

  • Improving Joint Health

Among the side effects of aging is that one becomes even more prone to joint problems, such as osteoarthritis. Additionally, it has been observed that younger individuals are susceptible to joint ailments.

Studies performed on rats revealed that C60 helped reduce stiffness and increase flexibility in their joints. It is believed that this capacity comes in the molecule’s antioxidant capacity and immune-supportive properties.

  • Boosting Immune Function

C60 has also been discovered to have a favorable effect on the immune system. A few of the methods by which it does that are by encouraging the production of immune cells such as white blood cells, as well as their growth variables.

Scientists hypothesize that C60 also uses its antioxidant abilities to boost immune function.

  • Encourages Brain Health

Neurons in your brain are continuously dying and becoming replaced daily. While the equilibrium between neuron death and neuron production can definitely be struck in a healthy individual, at the ill and elderly, however, their brains may not have the ability to make as many neurons as they’re losing. When that happens, the individual starts experiencing issues such as difficulty concentrating and shorter memory spans.

Preliminary results from test-tube studies reveal that C60 might have the ability to help keep your brain young and elastic by developing a healthy environment in the mind which discourages hardened-up or aged proteins from interfering with neuron function, which can be a common thing that happens in the brain as you become older.

  • Promoting Stronger Bones and Cartilages

In the study involving rats, it was found that injecting C60 to the animal results in stronger bones, which can be as a consequence of the molecule’s high antioxidant possible.

Other studies reveal that C60 also promotes the development of stronger cartilages in a similar function. By way of example, in a study between rabbits and C60, it was found that rabbits who got the molecule administered to them developed more powerful cartilages that were more resilient to the effects of aging as compared to those which didn’t get the supplement.

  • Powerful Disinfectant

Keeping clean is vital for good health. Nonetheless, even though many soaps can remove a vast majority of these bacteria and microorganisms that we accumulate during the course of the day, some microorganisms are simply too stubborn for ordinary soap.

That is precisely why we periodically suffer from cases of acne or illnesses due to the actions of these microorganisms.

Upon investigation, it’s been discovered that C60 is a powerful disinfectant, even when used in small amounts. Along with being able to eliminate numerous bacteria and parasites, it has also demonstrated that it can eliminate several viruses too.

  • Help Keep Your Weight in Assess

Even though studies on the potential of Carbon-60 as a weight loss supplement are still underway, preliminary findings reveal that the molecule can help one keep their regular weight by making an environment where the body’s cells are less susceptible to turning to fat cells.

The studies, however, were based on mouse cell cultures. Thus, we can only hope that it works the same way on us, particularly if you’re one of those who struggle to keep an even waist.

  • Protection from Harmful UV Rays

In lab experiments involving C60 and cultured skin cells, their findings demonstrated that ointments infused with C60 promote more powerful and more youthful-looking skins by counteracting the adverse effects of the sun’s UV rays. It was also noted that ointments that weren’t infused with a molecule supplied little to no protection against the beams, thereby supporting the theory that it had been C60 that was accountable for the counteracting actions.

In a separate experiment involving the C60 infused ointments, it was noted that Carbon-60 also has the potential to decrease the discharge of free radicals from the skin arising out of UV radiations.

  • Potential Male Infertility Remedy

Findings from studies done on rats reveal that C60 seemed to improve their testosterone levels, their sexual drive, sperm count, and general genital function.

As male infertility continues to be a widespread issue in our society, Carbon-60 is setting itself up to be the savior we need. Nonetheless, more research is required to confirm if the molecule may have exactly the same influence on individual males.


For a molecule that has been around since the dawn of the world, it is almost criminal that we have just discovered it recently. And even though we’re just starting to understand what C60 is all about, the molecule is already proving it is going to change the length of our own lives for the better. Keep yourself updated on research involving Carbon-60.