Noopept Pramiracetam Stack Guide

Noopept and pramiracetam are both excellent nootropics when taken on their own, however, they can also be taken together to increase their effectiveness. Be warned that this is not a stack for beginners, as it has been reported to come with a few side effects; therefore, finding the right balance can take some effort. If you’re an avid user of nootropics who’s looking to boost to the next level with a new stack, then try out the noopept and pramiracetam combination.

Two-Pronged Protection

Noopept is renowned for its protective capabilities. It works by providing nerve cells with antioxidants, which aid in the guarding and healing of the brain. It also promotes the release of glutamate, a very important substance for cognitive function.

Glutamate is necessary for communication between the brain and spine, so the more glutamate that’s available to the body then the easier it is for the nervous system to function. Pramiracetam has a similar ability in that it stimulates the release of acetylcholine. This neurotransmitter’s job is to help transfer messages between nerve cells. A lack of acetylcholine can lead to myriad cognitive disorders. When your body has a good amount of acetylcholine, however, then the mind’s learning capabilities are increased thanks to improved plasticity of brain cells.

Few combinations of nootropics can match the benefits of taking these two powerful brain enhancers together. The noopept focuses on protecting the nerve cells, while the pramiracetam improves their function. This means that making these substances available to the body will work to give you a stronger and more efficient brain

Dosage Guide

It’s important to always mind how much of each nootropic you’re ingesting. Effects will vary based on the amount that you take, along with the fact that each person’s body processes substances differently. The best way to learn the right amount is by examining how each dose affects your body.

Between the nootropics we’ve discussed, it’s noopept that is much more potent. You’ll be taking somewhere between 10-30mg of this substance in your stack. As for pramiracetam, 2-4g is an effective dose that won’t cause side-effects for most people. Some users have reported headaches and nausia when too much pramiracetam is take, so be warned. Start small and then bump up the quanity of your stack until you find the right level. Whether you’re trying to study for an exam, improve your skills, or simply give your body an extra level of care that only modern science can give, then don’t skip on researching this fine combination of nootropics.